[88% off] Build a REST API – Learn NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose


Build Applications and APIs using NodeJS, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose!

In this course you would learn some of the most sought after technologies in IT, namely NodeJS, Express framework, MongoDB database and Mongoose. 

The course has been designed to start you off with practical coding examples right from the beginning.

You would first get a brief theory on each of the topics and then dive straight to code-along lectures. There are lots of courses out there that have a lot of talk and less practice, which I have done away with in this course.

You would first learn:

  •  What is Node and why it is the preferred choice of technology.
  •  You would learn some very important Core NodeJS modules by way of practical coding examples
  •  Then you would learn what is Node Package Manager(NPM) and how you can import existing modules/libraries and use them to build your App
  • You would then proceed to learn one of the most popular framework – Express and build a web-server using it.
  • Then you would learn about MongoDB and learn to interact with the database using NodeJS native drivers
  • You would learn Mongoose – a very popular ODM used alongside MongoDB
  • Finally you would build a neat API using all your learnings in the course and test it.
  • You learn about Git to put your code under version control
  • At the end of the course you take your API to production by deploying it to Heroku
  • At appropriate stages of the course you would be given exercises and projects to work on that would help you explore on your own and also refresh your learning.

It would greatly help if you have a beginner’s knowledge on coding in Javascript

The course goes over the topics step by step in sufficient detail and adopts a code/work along method so that students can run the apps/APIs in parallel to the instructor.

The theory has been kept to a minimum and crisp, just enough to get you the context before you start hands on.