[75% off] HTML5: Master the essentials – Become a developer/programmer


Welcome to this course. I am going to tell you: Why you should enrol for this course, where you can use the knowledge you gained for and what I’ll cover in the course.

First, coding becomes more important every single day and if you want to get ahead of the society, coding is the solution. One of the most common misconception is that programming is hard, this is not true. Really coding is quite easy you just need to get started! HTML is one of the most important if not the most important language out there. It will allow you to make apps and websites, also it is one of the most used language. Also, if you know the essentials of HTML you can use it with other languages too such as Javascript and CSS. After this course you’ll be capable of using all the essentials of HTML5. You’ll be able to make a great website, such as a portfolio which will increase your chances on a good job. You’ll be able to utilise all this skills in practise and you’ll get a certificate of completion which you can even put on your résumé. I am always available for any help you may need, in every video I’ll explain in-deph how to use the functions you learn. But of course, it may be a possibility that you don’t understand the things I am trying to learn you. If that’s the case I am always available for answering questions, so don’t worry about getting stuck in the course. 

Thank you! Have a nice time learning!