MS PowerPoint Training for Beginners – 2 Minute Videos




Created: 24 November 2014

Last Updated: 17 April 2015


Course Achievements

  1. Over 1,900 Satisfied Students
  2. Over 15 Positive Reviews


Course Description

I’m going to teach you how to get started on Microsoft PowerPoint. If you’re thinking of eventually becoming a professional in ANY FIELD, then you need to have a basic understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint.

This program since it’s inception has become a standard in the industry. It is installed on millions of computers around the world! The purpose of it is to communicate information in a very visual and entertaining way!

I’m going to teach you how to open the program, how to navigate, how to create your first sets of slides, I’ll show you management techniques, formatting solutions and much more! So come on in and let’s ahve some fun!


Course Details

  1. This course has the shortest and simplest tutorial video’s you will ever see! Clear, concise and to the point!
  2. It is designed for the beginner/intermediate but if you’re looking to freshen up on your skills, come on in!
  3. I’ve intentionally made the video’s around 2 minutes or less so that you get your information instantly. NO MORE USELESS CHATTER!!
  5. All future lectures, videos, documents and upgrades included FREE


Instructor Achievements

  1. Member of the Udemy Council
  2. +19,000 students (totalling ~40,000 enrolments)
  3. Average of 300-500 enrolments per day (Highest enrolment rate in one day was 1400 students)
  4. +500 Positive Reviews (5 Star Average Rating across all courses)
  5. +18 Live courses (+20 courses in production)
  6. Incorporated my Udemy courses into RMIT University Laboratory Tutorials for Undergraduate Aerospace Engineers


What Udemy has said about the Instructor

‘We looked at some data + feedback from your courses and found you ranked in the top group of instructors on Udemy! Students love taking courses from instructors they trust!’


What students have already said about this course

  1. CC Dargan Before, I knew nothing. Now I know something. I luv it, I want it. Please give me more
  2. Ethel C. Darling A wonderful course to take. Jed the instructor knows what and how to get the information across to the student.
  3. Karin Steppert Very clear and short introduction for beginners
  4. Marvin McKenzie Perfect for the beginner. This course is a perfect place to begin learning how to use PowerPoint. It delivers exactly what it promises; short lessons that get right to the practical use of PowerPoint. It is easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to hear.
  5. Rudjak It’s like IKEA. You have broken down the important parts of PowerPoint that anyone needs to understand. This video has made PowerPoint into a tool that even a non-english speaking person would understand.
  6. Cyrus Very nice. Thanks for keeping it free. Knowledge is to share


Enrol Now and Experience the Benefits

  1. I’ll show you step-by-step, I’ll explain and highlight every single button I press, I’ll draw around important area’s and icons with on-screen drawing tools, I’ll zoom into small and hard to see area’s so you don’t miss a single thing!
  2. With over 15 years of experience using Microsoft Excel, I’ll let you look over my shoulder as I teach you the fundamentals.
  3. I’ll show you exactly how to master this technique in a fraction of the time it takes the average person to learn on their own from books, YouTube videos, blogs and forums!
  4. By mastering this technique you’ll become the most productive and most efficient person at your job and at home!
  5. New doors and opportunities will begin opening up for you personally and professional with each new technique you acquire!

Click the “TAKE THIS COURSE” button, top right, NOW!!…every hour you delay you’re missing out on huge opportunities!!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course has been designed for the absolute beginner. Never touched Microsoft PowerPoint before? Then you’ve found the right place.
  • If you’re intermediate or expert and want to freshen up on the fundamentals, no problem, come on in!!
  • People from any country
  • People of all ages
  • If you’re only going to take a small part of the course, then this is not for you. To experience the full effect, you must take the full course