[FREE] Learn ASP.Net with ADO.Net and JavaScript from Scratch

Please use your headphones and keep the volume at full while playing videos in this course to have best audio experience. In this course i will cover how Web applications are developed. I will cover some of the very important concepts 1. Using standard controls for building a form 2. Validating forms using Client script and also using server controls 3. Designing common look and feel (layout) of your application using Master pages 4. Accessing data from database using connected as well as disconnected approach 5. Displaying data to the user using several data bound controls 6. Applying Security to your application based on different roles and users So if you want to learn all these important aspects of any real world application than you are at the right place.
Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to learn Web application development using .Net Technology
  • Students who want to learn build their base so that they can learn advance technologies in .Net
  • Students who want to learn the concepts that are used to develop real world applications



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