Deep Learning: Build any smart app in 5 mins using AIception


If you are passionate about Artificial Intelligence and the power it can bring for your projects and business, then this is the right course for you.

We will use the endpoints on the AIception deep learning platform for:

  • object detection
  • face detection
  • face age approximation
  • generating artistic images
  • and many more

We will start with a short demo to demonstrate the speed and ease of integrating the AIception platform.

We will then learn about what is a REST API and how AIception has a RESTful API, meaning that you can use any programming language and operating system to solve the deep learning tasks. We will also learn about the HTTPie tool that is very useful when debugging REST APIs.

We will play with different clients such as:

  • Python
  • Unity 3D (this will be a fun visual demo)
  • Javascript

We will see the use cases, opportunities and the benefits that are possible due to the AIception platform.

Some of the benefits are:

  • time 
  • money
  • access to deep learning expertise
  • scale to grow your business
  • free tier credits to experiment

All source code is on public GitHub with MIT License.

Now is the time to join us, start a friendly conversation and even leave your mark on the platform!

Who is the target audience?
  • Passionate about AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Integrate Deep Learning Functionality into a project
  • Looking for Deep Learning Business Opportunities
  • Rapid Prototyping of Deep Learning Ideas
  • Cares about Democratizing Artificial Intelligence